Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring into the Season

I'd like to start off with the fact that I'm really sorry for not posting in such a long time. So Today, I've thought of a cute yet fun post, starring my best friend, nail polish. So Essie has been a long time favorite of mine, since they are exceptional quality and you can purchase them at so many places. I also love the creative names they've come up for the shades, and how many they are. I chose some colors that I thought were fit for Spring.Nail Polishes for Spring
The first color on the top left is simply something to adore. This color has red, orange and pink mixed up, giving it a candy apple vibe. However, the true name of the shade is hip-anema . This color is so bright and gorgeous, and it's very cheerful.

The color next to it on the right is a bubblegum pink, and it resembles a very girly pink, almost barbie like. This color reminds me of the cherry blossoms, and it's a spectacular color for the season. The colors true name is Madison Ave-Hue, which is perfect for it's New York Vibe.

If you look down to the left, you see a gorgeous pink. You may think it's the same as the one before, but it's actually different. This one makes me think about cotton candy, and it seems a couple of shades lighter than the last. I love this nail polish and it's my favorite out of the whole collection. I think this baby pink really compliments every outfit. The name of this polish is Tart Deco.

Let's skip to the blue nail polish in the blue frame. Immediately, I thought of the beach, or a nice clear blue sky. This color reminds me of the ocean because of how rich it is, and how lovely this looks on nails. It also reminds me of the sky because this brings back memories of how much I cherish good weather days. The name of this shade is avenue maintain.

Last but not least, we have a grasshopper green. This color looks great on all nails, do to how deep and rich in color it is. I also loved how gold looked so nice with it. This color can be worn any season since it also reminds me of Christmas, yet it is also wearable for spring.

I also recommend adding a base coat before you apply any nail polish. This can protect your real nails. A special treatment you can do to pamper nails is applying some olive or almond oil to them and then wash off.

Adding a top coat can secure your whole look, and prevent from cracking. Top coats also provide a nice glossy shine. If you prefer matte nails, watch this video I found. Like she said in the video, "lighting two candles with one flame". You can make use of steam, and it's more Earth Friendly and affordable.

I hope you enjoy Spring and I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Floral :Blogger's Spring Lookbook

When Spring arrives, so do the flowers.
Welcome Back to my blog! This is another segment of Spring Blogger's fashion by Jade and I.Today, I decided to post on floral prints, since I will die over anything like that in the store. (Literally, die over it as in throwing a tantrum) I've always thought that floral prints were a beautiful welcome message for Spring. .

For the first outfit, I chose patterns that are really appropriate, as they bring out aspects of an item. I chose a Spring Break 2013 bubblegum pink top(No idea what to do when you get to 2014) but this could act as a souvenir or remembrance of the good times.(You know what I mean?) Since the sunglasses in the outfit already have the colors inside, I decided to choose a similar pair of jeans. I love these jeans because the blue is so pretty, and I really love the flowers on them. They remind me of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. Since I thought that yellow would give a good pop of color, I Incorporated a pair of strapped heels, and a bag. I wouldn't recommend wearing heels if you are playing sports or riding your bike outside. This outfit just reminds me of bubblegum 99.9%.
Spring Floral
The last but not least, the cute and dressy one! I love the lace top since it reminds me of a doll and the stitching is just "a-mah-zing"(just to emphasize) I love wearing tops like these because you can dress them up or down. For the pants, I chose a pair of almost tie die and ombre pants, and I just think the orange in the outfit is gorgeous. The flowers also give it a more beachy theme. For shoes, I chose a bright orange heel and to top it off, I added a quilted lace bow bag.

       I hope you enjoyed this post! Enjoy Spring Break and comment below for any suggestions. Also, feel free to browse Jade's blog!


ps. My favorite nail polish is Essie's Corals Nail polish-Tart Deco

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Now that you are reading this, you are wondering why? Well, my friend Jade and I are doing a colllaboration on a Spring Lookbook. A lookbook is basically a collection of Ways to Wear it, or the trend forecast. I will post some that I've published and Jade will be posting,too. Make sure to check her blog out, Fashion Finds . I will also have her linked on my blog list. 


Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Lookbook VOLUME I: Watermelons

Spring is well, here. Nowadays, after that harsh cold Winter, we finally see the sun, and we feel that warm breeze. So, whenever I think of Spring, I think about how life is finally coming back and all the foods that grow. Thinking of food just reminds me of picnics in the Sun, and relaxing. Today, I decided to do a post all about watermelons!

I first took inspiration from these shorts I saw on polyvore. They were just so cute and it had a fresh theme.

For the first outfit, I have a green t-shirt. I love this green since it's very bright and it reminds me of a grasshopper. I added a pair of floral shorts. I chose these shorts because they incorporate some hints of the same green in the shirt, so it brings the entire look together. I added a pair of green converse to emphasize the idea of a casual and chic look.

For the next outfit, I chose a creamy lace tank top, which is perfect for the summer and spring. The creamy top is very feminine and it's very light and airy for those warm days. For the pants, I found the perfect color, and it's a mix of berry and pink, or as it would remind me of, "pinkberry"(if it exists). To finish the look off, I added a pa of striped green Sneakers, which really resembles VANS. The purse if just there because, well, I thought it was cute!

Watermelons are an exiting treat, and they have a fresh vibe for you, and a refreshing taste for your mouth. I hope you enjoyed this post!Make sure to look out for other segments and more from my look book!

Watermelon by ellazhu featuring green shoes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion INdustry: VOLUME I: Harry Potter's Influnece Through Fashion

Reading the whole Harry Potter Series has made me feel like I live in a whole other world. As I read these books, it makes me want to become a witch, too. I know many people couldn't care less about Harry Potter, but the looks in the movies are simply amazing. I know many people don't like this series, or simply don't even bother to touch it of read a single book. However, don't judge a book by it's cover because sometimes, your brain is worth more than your beauty.

Emma Watson Harry PotterHarry Potter has influenced the fashion world. I remember reading an article in the New York Times about it and all the brands that have been inspired from it.

Today, I decided I would create the epic Harry Potter Post, featuring many outfits from Characters.

One of the most influential Characters was Hermione Granger. The book describes her as a bushy haired Miss Know it all. Although she does have a unique style in the movies(the robe) we wouldn't really want to wear that anywhere outside. Usually, she's wear a blouse inside a sweater, and a tie to go ever it with a skirt and robes.

I decided to change that look, to a more everyday look. So, since Hogwarts uniforms are very formal, a blazer is a perfect way to emphasize it. I added a knit miniskirt, and I love how it has texture to create a more modern looking skirt. Then I added a white blouse with cute designs on them to glam up the look. Since the character Hermione isn't very girly to due all of her dangerous missions or adventures, I added a pair of combat boots.

Hermione has a really influential style, since she is a tomboy, with a sharp formal look, but sometimes, she'll be very dressy. In the first few books, she was wearing rather nerdy like sweaters, that were very fluffy and had those fluff balls on them. The interesting thing was the style eventually changed, and her style became more modern and chic.
Bellatrix Lestrange
There's nothing worng taking inspiration from a mass murderer(sounds weird). Behind all her years in a dreaded prison, even Harry believed that she had beauty once before. Although after she was reunited with her master, she appeared as a big role in the movies and book. Whenever I see Bellatrix, she is always wearing a really long black maxi dress. However, the lace really gives it a dark vibe, and her style is definitely very edgy.

Lord Voldemort's sidekick embraced her own evil powers,too. Bellatrix is loyal, but to the wrong people. Her style is very influential, because her Gothic themed outfits still seem rather high fashioned. However, when I'm watching the movies, I'm always wondering how she got her hair to look like that.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood's style does seem even more appealing than Hermione. Luna's style is all about layering, and wearing what she likes whether it matches or not. Whenever I see Luna in the movies, she is wearing atweed jacket or coat. I really love the texture, and it really reminds me of Luna. As seen in the movies, she's always wearing a plain top, but in many scenes, she wears a peter pan collared one. In the Order Of Phoenix on the Hogwarts's express, she wears a starry patterned skirt, and a pair of Opaque dark blue tights. Since she's always on an adventure, she's often wearing boots. To top it all off, Luna is often found with a beautiful knit bag, or a beanie. However, you can't forget about the glasses!

Luna Lovegood is known for her radishes as earrings, and her braveness and loyalty. Although Harry thought she was rather weird in the beginning, her personality eventually shines through. In the book, it describes her as a dreamy eyed girl, and it always seemed like she was in the clouds. However, Luna can never be seen without reading the magazine "The Quibbler" upside down!

I hope you enjoyed the post!

~Beauty Queen