Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brand Name War

 Brand name could be tempting, for everyone. Some of us will spend our savings on it, while others will just live simply. So, I chose two major brands to talk about.

Louis Vuitton is a classic bag, you see them everywhere. The iconic logo could change the complete price. The bags are usually made out of leather, and most celebrities will own one of these bags. This bag can be worn any season, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. It ranged in luxury trunks, apparel  and small leather goods. In 1892, the company was passed down to his son since he died. Louis Vuitton began rising to fame when he worked with the German Nazi's during World War II. The Germans began recognizing this brand. So far, there are many stored in the world, including one on fifth avenue. Louis Vuitton also managed to hire Marc Jacobs as a fellow designer.

 Reasonable or unreasonable?

The bags range in a variety of prices, from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. However, there are many reasons why you might want to buy one.

Quality ~This bag can basically survive anything. It takes fine work and skill to make one, and they take pride in work. If your bag requires some repair, Louis Vuitton has a really nice customer service, and they'll be delighted to fix it.

Matches everything~ Louis Vuitton's classic bag can be fit into any women's wardrobe, and they can be worn in any season. They are very roomy, and they look great with a dress or a pair of jeans. This way, you won't have to buy many bags to match every outfit. Technically, this could save you a lot of money. The iconic bag starts at $625.

Not much of a brand name...........
So I've told you about Louis Vuitton, which is very high end. We've already covered a more affordable bag.Longchamp Bag Review  . So I thought I would talk about a bag ranging from $50 to $150.  
 These bags have a western theme, and I think they are perfect for many seasons. They have multicolored bags, and they really match every outfit. This brand is Lucky Brand.

The brand Lucky Brand Jeans is well known for their jean styles. The jeans come in styles such skinny, flare,boot, etc. The brand was established in 1970's and they have a signature logo. Usually when you buy a product, a four leaf clover will have Lucky You or Lucky Me sewn on it. I think this brand is very unique and they are very affordable. It's still considered a great brand, and it still looks  great.Lucky Brand also makes clothes for men, women, kids, toddlers, infants, and they make a wide variety of goods.

Reasons to Buy
Quality- This brand is associated with other high end brands, and they also take pride in work. Most bags are leather, and you can find a nearby store, since it's a bit hard to find a Louis Vuitton store.

Price-The price is quite reasonable, except it doesn't exactly match everything. However, you can buy more of these since they are inexpensive.

My Side- I have to think about it, but I do like good deals. I prefer a bit of a high end, since it can last me a lifetime. Although it may be slightly not affordable, but eventually, I will spend more then that on other bags, since they might break. Also, it's one less bag I can worry about, and I can finally find some Closet Space! I know the Lucky Brand one is affordable, but I'd rather save up for a bag that could last me a lifetime.

               Top Five reasons to buy these Bags

Louis Vuitton     
~Saves Space
~Lot's of celebrities own one
 ~Fit Wardrobe

Lucky Brand
~Still Brand Name
~easy to buy


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Affordable Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves:revisedBeauty Queen: Buy less, save more.

So, with every seasonal transition, some of us just lose or knack for shopping. One bad habit I have is that I don't buy useful stuff, and I waste a lot of money. Sometimes, we spend a lot of money on excess, or "things not needed".

I've realized that I could narrow it down to just 8 things, that can help you survive through this season. Not just survive, but enjoy.

1) I find that you can layer in Fall and Spring, since the temperature is not to cold or not to hot. The light floral jacket really captures the essence of spring and welcomes the new season. This jacket is only $30. I recommend investing a bit more in these items, since you only need one and you want durable items. It's a great jacket to just throw on and off. They go great with dress outfits, or just outfits that are casual with the classic jeans. H&M

2) It that classic shoe again. In other words, your "best friend". Converse can be worn all year long and they are durable. Converse are usually $50, but you can find these for $30 at outlets or when they are on sale. Also, many celebrities wear them, and you can always accessorize with studs. I like all of the colors, and you can even buy different colored shoe laces!

3) Lace is that item that's always in your closet, and a great way to dress up a look. It's preppy and chic, and one lace top could make all the difference. I find that Hollister really specializes in this, since they have collections dedicated to lace. I think it's such a feminine look, and it's a timeless piece to keep in your closet. This one is only $20, and they are very durable. I've also seen cheaper ones.

4)Keeping track of everything is one definition for a satchel. Now, we all know how painful a big bag can be, just dragging it around with you everywhere. Sometimes, even designer brand bags have straps that slip off, so you're left with a very uncomfortable feeling. I like cross body bags like satchels, since it really welcomes spring and you just feel more relaxed and more flexible with it. I recommend these if you are going on vacation, or just running some errands since they can be very handy.

5)Oh what would we all do without these?They protect us from harmful rays of sunshine, and possibly the paparazzi. However, they can easily pulled off. Sunglasses come in many shapes:Cat eye, Round, Aviators,etc. I love aviators, since they are retro and chic. They really compliment any one who wears them and many celebrities wear them. Sunglasses can be found at all prices to suit your budget.

6)Something that you might have in your closet already is a high waisted skirt. The ones from hollister have a strong yet flexible material that I just simply adore. Sometimes, I'll have old t shirts that I never wear, but when I style them with this,it changes everything completely. I also prefer lace tops with these, and you can turn it into a girly or casual look. Having one or two of these could make all the difference, and they are affordable and super inexpensive!

7) Having a pair of flats can give your sneakers a break. In spring, two shoes will really suffice. I always keep a pair of sneakers, but I'll always have a pair of flats. Since shoes wear out quickly, we should often give them a break. I don't recommend wearing a pair of shoes for more than 2 to 3 days a week(consecutively). This really wears out the shoe(I speak from experience). I love flats since they feeling super comfortable, and you won't have to deal with the sock! Flats look chic with skirts and jeans, and they really add a beautiful finishing touch.

8)I'm a person who loves jewelry, and I love layering bracelets. I always have a set of either rubber bracelets, bangles, or friendship bracelets at the ready. I always think that they can dress up a plain old t shirt and just instantly add some shine. I like wearing three at a time, and they just make me feel more poised.

I hope this helped! I'll be back soon!

             ~Beauty Queen
      Remember,"There is Beauty Behind the Make up."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Longchamp Bag Review

I have to admit, I take a lot of inspiration from life, and friends. I first saw a review like this on my friend Jade's fashion Blog . I love her blog and she's got a lot of great tips and ideas. So, today, I'm doing a review on an iconic bag that can basically be worn during any season.

Price: $125 at
Sizes: Small, Medium,Large
Dimensions: 9 3/4 inch W x 9 3/4 inch H x 5 1/2 inch D(measures small)

Longchamp is an iconic brand that was founded in 1948, and became legendary for their light weight handbags. The handbags are portable, and they are very user friendly. It may seem expensive for $125(since it's brand name) but the quality is great too. These bags may seem small on the outside, but they are quite spacey and convenient from the inside. I recommend a medium sized one, since the price may vary by size. If you want the full leather versions, they are usually around $300-$600.

This is the classic and bestselling look, called the "Le Pilage". It has a top zipper with a leather snap, and the handle drop is 8 inches. This bag can be folded up, at a remarkable one inch, so you can carry it with you anywhere you want to go. This handbag is also waterproof, so it can be suitable for all women on all occasions.  The bag is also iPad friendly.

I've seen these bags at airports a lot, and the pockets are located right where you want them to be. They also include  a strap to attach your keys on so you don't have to go digging for them.

This bag comes in various colors;Billberry,Black,Chocolate(brown),Deep red,Indigo,Natural,Paprika,Slate,Sunshine,White. (Some unique names right?)

I recommend this bag to any girl who wants to be one step ahead, or their new years resolution was to be more organized. To me, this bag is suitable for all personalities. Also check out the entire collection from small leather goods, to more handbags!

In Fact, a lot of celebrities can't say no to this bag either:


 I hope you guys enjoyed this post:)

   ~Beauty Queen

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Blocking 2013

I know that this was a bit of a summer trend, but it really brightens up your day! This was a major trend, and I think we should keep it alive. Color blocking just lets us wear pieces that POP, and still being stylish. I'm not going to go in depth about each piece, but I will provide some tips, and a general idea of what it is. Technically, your taking art class.Color Blocking
The truth is, color is everywhere. I still remember a poem I wrote about it in 2nd Grade. Anyways, when you think of someone who is well dressed, or you may feel envious of, they usually stand out to you. Colorblocking is a chic and trendy look that is perfect for any event. With color blocking, I prefer bright colors, almost neon. If you like neutrals, you can even color block with that! It amps up the look, to give it a more modern vibe. One color that I really adore is a bright almost neon orange, and it looks really good with gold.

As shown in some pieces above, anyone can pull off the color pink. Just like Orange, pink goes with gold perfectly, and I consider them "bestfriends" . Gold really ties everything up, and so do other metallic colors.

Speaking of other colors, I think black really goes great with dark blues, or in this case, "cold colors".
Cold colors are rather darker, and they are towards the end of the rainbow. One suggestion is that cold colors and warm colors don't look good when colorblocked if they are mixed together. For instance, do we really like orange and blue together? I know some may like it, but orange and red look fairly more balanced and they don't clash as much. However, special colors are black and gold, since they go great with every color. I recommend color blocking with at least two colors, and they should be solid. When you often have three colors, sometimes, one of them can help the others get along, such as yellow, pink, and blue, or dark blue, light blue, and yellow.

     I know I sounded a bit crazy during this post, but this is my perspective of color blocking!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
     ~Beauty Queen

PS. I  should be an art teacher right?:)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ways to Wear Skirts

Hi everyone! So today, I thought about doing a post on ways to wear skirts, since some viewers live in warmer climates, and Spring is approaching. I realized that we can't wear denim shorts all day long, since that would be rather......"boring". Skirts are a great way to look chic, and change up your style. Skirts can also be worn anytime, in any season since we can wear leggings.Ways to wear Skirts
For the first outfit, I chose a Claude Monet Water Lillies theme, since I simply love the masterpiece he created. I love taking inspiration from nature since sometimes, it can be the most beautiful. For a top, I chose a sky blue jumper, which is a gorgeous pastel. With skirts, I don't recommend wearing a shirt that's really long. I chose a multi color skirt, which really gives the skirt "pizazz" and it just brightens everyone up. I chose some matching shoes that go along with the jumper, since I don't recommend incorporating a lot of colors into outfits. This outfit is perfect if you go to work, or if you're feeling a bit dressy.

The next outfit is a bit neutral, but it incorporates some pops of color. I chose a creamy colored
top, and I love how it's high and low in the back, but it's not too long. I added a patterend skirt that includes some of my favorite colors, and I think they work well for spring. I finished the outfit with a pair of matching creamy colored booties, that keeps the whole outfit balanced.

One must have is a lace top. These are timeless pieces, that can be worn in any season, and they match every outfit. This one's has a pretty reasonable price($20) and I've seen cheaper ones. Lace is very feminine, and although it may seem plain, it's chic and it suits every personality. For the skirt, this one doesn't have any zippers or buttons. It's rather flexible and I love them. I also love that this is a high waisted skirt. I have these skirts in every color, so pretty much, I really love them. Also, instead of the lace top, sometimes a t shirt goes well. I think that these are also must haves and they are also very inexpensive. I finished the outfit with these cute mustache flats or loafers.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon! Remember to be a member and comment on any suggestions or compliments:)

            ~Beauty Queen