Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Laid Back Outfits

There are days when I wake up, and I have a terrible headache or I'm feeling under the weather. In other words, I'm sick. The truth is, nowadays, we don't have time to rest. We're all extremely busy and becoming sick is an obstacle in life. I know how it feels and how miserable it feels, so I created two outfits that are perfect if you are in a sticky situation like this. Two laid back outfits
When I'm sick, all I feel like doing is staying in my pajamas all day long. The first outfit includes this brilliant Tiffany blue sweatshirt with a picture of a green and blue eyed cat. I love anything graphic when I see it, and it's just simply a sweatshirt that's really comfortable. I added a pair of comfy yoga pants, and I love the leopard print. I like yoga-pants  since they are basically leggings, but in a more athletic like way. To finish the outfit, I added a pair of Toms, which are classic and chic. I love Toms, since if you buy a pair, they will donate a pair to a less fortunate person in the world. I think that not only will you like the way they look, but you'll also feel proud of yourself. A little kindness can go a long way. This is perfect for an outfit if you're just going somewhere when you're sick(getting ice cream)or just at home.

This may seem not as laid back, but it's casual. This is a classic look that many people wear, and it's simply effortless. It's great even if you're feeling lazy! First I added a slouchy t shirt, and I love the high low part in the front and back. I added a pair of classic skinny jeans, since sometimes I find them comfortable. However, I also recommend wearing jeggings, since they're super comfortable and they feel like sweatpants!Last but not least, the Classic Converse. Converse is affordable, and you can't go wrong with them.

Hope You Enjoyed this Post! Leave a comment below on your favorite outfit!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day Beauty Products

Valentine's Beauty ProductsWe all know that Valentine's Day is just around the corner( but there's still so much to do!) Today, I will be showing you some of my recommended beauty products, along with introducing my new favorite YouTuber! I promise you that next week I will have Valentine's Day outfits!

It's that time of year again, and for those of you that are at home, don't worry, because I believe that love will tell you where to go. Girl's tend to be the most excited, as they are already making plans. However, we all make those mistakes. Don't you worry, because this year, we are going to prevent it, along with being prepared and extra glamorous.

To start of with nail polish, Valentine's day is all about the inner girl in yourself, and all the elegance than we own. Pastels are ideal colors, since they are light colors and gentle ones. Using a bold color  will change the whole day. I think that Valentine's Day is where we all travel back in time where we went through that phase in tutus and had to have everything pink.

For this video, I selected one by cutepolish. Now, I know many of us know her, and in case if you are wondering, she is not the Youtuber I am talking about. I chose this video because I just love the plaid look with the heart, which reminded me of every aspect of Valentine's Day.

One girl should always carry around some perfume. Perfume makes a person smell better, and sometime's even more confident. It's great to find a perfume you love, and I have to say I love Chanel Chance. If you want to find some tips on perfume, I found this awesome video by Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan has over 2.5 million subscribers, and well over 600,000,000 video views. She started her channel in 2006, and has been blossoming ever since, However, I take inspiration from her since she is so down to earth and she's got this amazing personality. She always knows how to relate to viewers, and she does all sorts of stuff from DI Y's to outfit ideas. Michelle Phan also films all of the video's on Lancome's website. Subscribe to Michelle Phan 's Channel.

With lipsticks, go for that Barbie like bubblegum pink, or that deep red. I really love light pinks and the one I have here, reminds me of bubblegum. To find out what type of red lipstick fits you, here's a video. I think that red lipsticks aren't so easy to pull of, since t's a very bold color. If you don't know the right tips, it won' t look so normal. I recommend carrying one of these lipsticks in your purse, since it can instantly save you at a party.

Before you think of putting anything on your lips, make sure they are moisturized! Nothing's more unattractive than a flaky pout, and all you need is a lip balm, which is super inexpensive. Also, sometimes you don't need lipstick when you have lip balm on.

An interesting idea I found for blush was hot chocolate! Can you really believe it? Well, you're going to have to refrain from eating what's on your face, but it's very simple. It's worth a try, and I recommend doing it, since if you change your mind, you've got a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy!

Hope I helped you guys! Comment on your favorite beauty product, or any you recommend for Valentine's Day!

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Christian dior
$46 -

$115 -

Christian dior

Christian dior
$28 -

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 So it is snowing right now, and the cold has been hitting the town I live. It's Flu Season, and Winter is becoming extremely cold. As cool as snow is, it does have it's downs. Here are some outfits, and some tips, to stay ship shape this winter.Winter Outfits
   The key is layering. In the Winter, you may look overpowered by your coat. Also you want to stay as warm as possible.

Outfit #1: Thermals are your best friend in winter. It may be only one shirt, but they can provide so much warmth. Thermals are also very inexpensive, and you can purchase them in mass retailers  I added a scarf for even more warmth. Scarves are a key accessory and leopard print is an eye catcher. If you live in a climate where it's about 40 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, a vest can be more handy than a puffer jacket. This vests has a lot of fur, and I think that this gives a very comfortable and cozy look. Usually  I think that jeans are very cozy, and I prefer them better than sweatpants when I'm outside. I added a pair of floral printed Dr. Marten boots, and a cute panda hat to add even more glam.

Outfit #2: I think this is perfect for a normal cold winter. The temperature or climate should be around 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit  I love fleece jackets since they are just a simple yet stylish look. When you are investing in a winter coat, pockets are essential unless you prefer gloves. I added a pair of classic skinny jeans. Of course, it's not a winter unless you don't wear Ugg's. This is the classic chestnut color, and it has real fur, that will keep your feet nice and cozy. I added a beanie to the whole outfit, since the hat brings a pop of color. I have a post already on beanies from my Christmas Countdowns. Click Here to learn how to make one and how mine turned out!

Outfit #3: I live in a climate like this one. It has been way below freezing this week, and this is something that I usually wear. I think North Faces provide the most warmth  and they have a lifetime guarantee  so it is made out of great quality. This coat is perfect if your climate is 10 to 50 degrees. You just have to layer in the inside depending on the temperature. I added a pair of light wash skinny jeans. Instead of Uggs, which I usually always see, I chose bearpaws. The typical girl these days usually wear North Face and Uggs, but I know that many kids don't wear Uggs. Uggs can be expensive, and I think bearpaws are just as good. They are also made out of real fur, and they are also from Australia. These are about 1/3 of the price of Uggs, and I own several pairs. In fact, I love them better than my Ugg's sometimes. I added a pair of Kate Spade gloves, for even more warmth. I also think that they are chic and cute, with the little catch phrase.

Winter Beauty Products

Eos Berry Blossom Hand Lotion Purse Pack - 1.5 OzVictoria's Secret New! You’Re All Mine Ultra-Moisturizing Hand And Body CreamI think that Winter can really change your skin routine, and your skin can become oftentimes dry. Sometimes in the morning, I find my face frozen and uncomfortable when I'm at the bus stop. It's always good to carry some lotion around. I like using tiny ones, or ones that can fit easily in your purse or backpack. Smaller ones can be very handy, and you don't have to feel so awkward applying it.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm CollectionEos Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm    You just need lip products to survive cold weather. Nothings less attractive than a flaky pout, and you don't want to lick it. Having moisturized lips can get you through your day, not worrying about it. In winter, don't even think about lip stick, since lip balms shall always come first. My favorite lip balms are Eos( really cute:) and baby lips since they smell so nice.
Clarins Sunscreen For Face Wrinkle Control Cream Spf 50+
Did you know that snow has ultraviolet rays? Yes, sunscreen is needed for the wintertime, but you just don't need to apply so much. I only add a bit, and it'll keep your skin healthy. I recommend anything that is SPF 15 or above. My favorite sunscreen is by Clarins.

Buy Frederic Fekkai Travel Brush & More | Beauty.ComDoes your hair ever get frizzy or uncontrollable? Well, you may need to brush it sometimes, especially when you take off that hood. I have a handy tiny hair brush for on the go, which is much more convenient than a full size brush. For more Info, visit my friend Kareena's Fashion Blog .

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it more helpful. Comment below on your favorite outfit, or any beauty products you recommend!

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Winter Outfits by ellazhu featuring dr. martens boots

BKE thermal top

Hollister Co hollister co


Hollister Co hollister co

H&M skinny fit jeans
$47 -

Dr. martens boots
$160 -

H M sheer shawl
$7.89 -

Cable knit beret

Kate spade

Abercrombie & Fitch

Friday, January 18, 2013

Recommended Beauty Products

So, since I've go some time on my hands, I decided to do a post on all of my favorite lotions, perfumes, and body sprays. I'm not that into make up, but I do take lotions, perfumes, and other things seriously. Beauty Products I use
Did you know that Snow actually has ultraviolet rays? Wearing sunscreen in the winter may seem crazy, but it's not. I don't like being tan, and I have to admit I burn to easily in the sun. As I told you in My Best Of 2012 Post , I mentioned that I love Clarins, since it can also deal with breakouts and it works great if you have wrinkles. I love this one, and it's sort of weird, but I also like the smell. Before I bought the Clarins one, I used my Neautrogena, which was also fantastic, and it served as my best friend during the summer.

For lotions, I love bath and body work's Paris Amour. It's a heavenly smell, and it's inexpensive. It smells a little sweet with a blend of floral, but the best part is that it's really moisturizing. I also love Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Lotion. I actually got this as a present for Christmas in 2011, and I absolutely loved it. It smells like a blend of roses and plums.

You can't go anywhere without perfume.  Of course, I find that I'm really tempted into smelling every single one, but the thing is, once you smell a lot, your nose can't sense which one is which. They will just all see to smell the same. Of course, I love the classic J'adore by Dior, which just has a lovely floral and sweet scent. I'm terrible at describing perfumes, but I have to say you'll love it. I think that his can be worn on any occasion, which is perfect for all ages. Another perfume I love is Chanel Chance. I was tempted to like Chanel No.5, but it just didn't smell right. I remember reading all about it and how famous it was, but I didn't think it was as good as Chanel Chance. I think that this is perfect for spring and summer, because it gives you that fresh air feeling!

For body mists, you can't go wrong with Love, Love, Love by Bath and body works, or as I like to say it Lovex3. I have the lotion, and the truth is, I'm not quite fond of it. For some apparent reason, I liked the mist better. Mists are perfect for Gym, since the scent isn't too heavy and the bottles aren't made out of glass. I also love Love Spell, which I also got for Christmas in 2011. This one has a more dark and Plum is heavily associated in this. The scents pretty good though, and you'll love it!

I fell in love with body butters two years ago, when I bought one from Victoria's Secret. I believe it was discontinued, but I just loved how it felt when you applied it, since it was so soft. I find it even better than lotion. When I finally decided to buy another one, I got it from the Body Shop. The Body Shop's stuff is all made out of organic and natural ingredients, and I think the store is amazing. Also, if you prefer natural shampoo, they have the best deals. Anyway, the one I own smells highly of oranges, which makes me so hungry. The scent is also very bright and it seems like it'll get your mind going and start off fresh. The funny thing is that I love all things Orange, since I remember when I was in art class in 1st grade. My teacher had scented markers, and I think I had orange ink all over my nose every time. That's how much I love oranges.

Nail time: Why not buff up your nails? I love nail polish, and I know a friend who has the coolest nail blog. is your number one destination for nails since she has great videos and the instructions are easy to follow. My favorite colors are mademoiselle by Essie, and Too too hot, also by Essie. If I'm attending a formal event, I slap on some neutral and elegant colors like this. If I'm feeling bold and trendy, I'll go with a bright red. I also think that these are basic must haves for a girl, so I recommend getting them. Special tip: Add some olive oil to your nails at night, to give them more strength and to make them healthy.

Special thanks to Polyvore, (a great collage website) and my friend Janhavi for having an awesome nail blog! Thanks for the badge!

    ~ Beauty Quenn

                           Beauty Products I use by ellazhu featuring clarins

Christian dior


The Body Shop body shop



Body moisturizer

$16 -

$22 -

Victoria s Secret beauty product

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hit the Gym

The most common New Years resolutions are diet wise. Most women are hitting the gym, but only a few know how to do style.  This also can be related if you have Gym class, and you just need some help. Here are some must haves, that are included in my opinion.Hit the Gym must haves
When it comes to work out gear, consider Pink by Victoria's Secret as your #1 destination. They include a whole section dedicated to the Gym. I recommend that you wear any old tshirt, and it's good to throw one on after the work out. You don't want to get sick either. One tip that I can say should be in the rule book are yoga pants. Not only are these too comfortable, they always seem in style. It's not baggy, and it's very convenient when you are exercising, and nothing will distract you. For shoes, I mainly recommend Nike's, and not converse. When it comes to exercise, you want to do it properly, and converses can result in twisting an ankle or getting hurt. They also help you improve, since it also makes your feet comfortable! You sure don't see any professional sports players wearing converses on the field! It's also okay to wear shorts, just make sure it follows a dress code.

When it comes to the gym, a duffel bag will become your loyal companion, and many duffel bags include convenient pockets, which will allow you to access everything easily. The number one product you could take to the Gym is some lotion. I think that scented ones are really helpful if you tend to sweat, which is perfectly normal. Another thing that you just can't leave the house without is a water bottle. You have to keep hydrated, and it'll make you feel better, like a best friend. You can also fill it up with Gatorade, which is a really good sports drink if you do any sports. When it comes to scents and perfume, make sure the container is plastic, not glass. I prefer mists since perfume can be really heavy sometimes. Choose a scent you'll love, and everyone else will like it too. If you feel uncomfortable or you wear make up, a nice thing to do is by a sweat blotter, which will remove a lot of oils from your skin. I find this really useful, since you always want to start with a fresh face. Since the flu has been going around, hand sanitizer is a must have, it will protect you from germs, and sometimes it's better for your skin instead of washing your hands with soap. Soap tends to dry your skin sometimes. Another thing that isn't shone is deodorant, I know almost everyone owns one, and it keeps you feeling clean.

Here is a video I found on how to do your hair for Gym, if you want to spice up a ponytail.

Victoria s Secret zip hoody

Victoria s Secret printed shirt

Victoria s Secret printed shirt

Hollister co

Victoria's Secret slim fit pants

Victoria s secret

Nike shoes

Victoria s Secret fragrance

Face cleanser

Body moisturizer

Body moisturizer